Game Design


The Hero- FACE 
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 255
The Hero has an arsenal of military grade projectiles at his disposal such as grenades and higher grade weaponry such as his Gatling Gun.

The Hero - HEEL
 Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 255
 In HEEL his  move set consists of melee attacks and quick striking moves. His left arm is wrapped with his custom chain that he can also use to punish opponents. The Hero can charge different elemental attacks into his chain attacks such as lighting and flames to shoot projectiles or charge into his brass knuckles to do further damage to his opponents.

The Beast - FACE
Height: 9'1"
Weight: 1400 

In FACE form, The Beast towers above his opponents. His mass is so large that normal attacks crack the earth knocking opponents off balance. He is even able to tear apart a tank with his bare hands! The more enraged that The Beast becomes in FACE forms he starts to emit heat from his body till his whole body becomes engulfed in flame.

The Beast- HEEL
Height: 9'1"
Weight: 1400

In HEEL form, The Beast becomes a bearded brute. He is accented with fighting gloves that has the words BEAST MODE on them. Unlike FACE mode, in this mode The Beast does not emit heat from his body. However The Beast can channel energy into his gloves for additional damage to his opponents.  In HEEL, The Beast employs a variety of mixed martial arts moves and ground and pound moves. With The Beast's massive size he is able to pound opponents into the earth with such force that it cracks the ground! This version is much quicker than the FACE form.

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